Style & Sunshine by the Coastline

Although only 45 minutes away from my hometown, I had never ventured out into the beach front town of Capitola Village. Why? I’m not sure, but seeing posts from other bloggers like, Laura Adney from Have Need Want, inspired me to plan a stroll to this dreamy little place.

My Instagram boyfriend, Joey, and I arrived around 4pm, a little later in the day, but it was still quite beautiful and warm out. We were pretty hungry having skipped lunch knowing we’d find something yummy here. Joey is pretty picky and so we probably walked around the same streets about 4 times.

There was an adorable spot, Castagnola Deli & Café, located on Monterey Avenue, that I really wanted to try, but it was a pretty busy and we were starving. Although I will, without a doubt, stop by to pick up a yummy sandwich and pastry next time I’m in the area.
We finally decided on a place and sat facing the water at The Sand Bar Capitola Restaurant. I ordered the most delicious, melt in your mouth, calamari with fries. Joey, as always, went for the house burger.
The food was scrumptious, the view was marvelous (although it’d be hard to find one that isn’t), the weather was just right; it was the perfect date night.
After dinner, we began on the hunt for dessert. It wasn’t long before we came across Beach Break by Marianne’s Ice Cream shop. They had so many flavors to choose from that I decided on two, Horchata and Mexican Chocolate. Joey opted for “heaven,” since they didn’t have Rocky Road, but from the look on his face, once he took the first taste, I could tell this flavor was indeed, heavenly.
As we wandered Capitola a bit more, watching the sun set over this dreamy little landscape, we saw the many tourists who seemed to be renting out homes for the weekend. Others looked like they had been here many times before, but always enjoyed a bit of the sun this place had to offer.
For this splendid adventure, I donned a Flying Tomato dress. I’ve always loved the vibrant prints that this label designs. When I used to work as a buyer for a clothing boutique, I remember seeing all of the pieces in their showroom located in Downtown LA, and thinking, “OMG I need to get all of this!”
This summer, I’ve been a fan of sleek black and white pieces with very straight lines (check out my latest post, “Frisco, Flores, and Stripes”). But of course, color is important!
The dress had a handkerchief hem line, which means it is almost a triangular shape. It was comfortable, not constricting at all, so great for the warm weather.
If you ever get the chance to check out Capitola, do it! Trust me! You’ll love every bitty thing about it!
Thanks my loves!
-Christina, The B of V

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