My First Nordstrom Annual Sale

It was the first Saturday of the event. I had never attended the Nordstrom Annual Sale before in my life. Seeing the yellow tags and flyers and girls on an average of 5 feet tall and maybe 120 lbs. with arms overflowing in clothing was hilarious, exhilarating, and contagious. I had to take it all in first and realize what I was about to delve into.
Nordstrom has never been a go-to shopping place for me. Having grown up in a town hundreds of miles away from the nearest Nordstrom, I would see the magazine ads, but never felt enticed to go.
Even when I lived in LA and SF, I never shopped there. Sure, I wandered, explored, even used my few trips there for school research and projects involving the retail environment.
But not until recently when I jumped into the fashion blogger scene did I realize how big of a deal the Anniversary Sale really is to all of us who love fashion, and fashion at a good price!
I browsed every floor and ended up in 2 main spots, Topshop and Halogen.
The Topshop line is a great mix if basic with trendy. It’s conventional enough for everyday, yet stands out enough that you’ll probably have several people asking you where you got that skirt.
Halogen, a brand I had never heard or shopped before, was like walking into my dream closet! It’s classic design with modern touches. I would say that this brand’s aesthetic could fit whether you’re walking in Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower, or running to catch the last train from Grand Central.
I picked a few pieces I knew if they fit, I would wear all the time!
As many of you know, I am NOT a size 2…or 10 for that matter! I’m a solid and proud size 12. The jeans were, as typically happens, fit from the waist and thighs, but baggy at my bum and too long. They were a no.
The next item was a crisp white off the shoulder top. Although I am obsessed with off the shoulder, my 36DD bossom did not exactly look flattering considering the bust was the only elastic part of the piece. So that was also a no.
Next up was another crisp white button up with flared sleeves. It was in a size large and while it fit, again, my boobs did not.
Who else expereinces that gap when wearing button ups while being top heavy? It’s so annoying! I ended up trying the XL and it fit a lot better. This was a solid yes.
My favorite piece that ended breaking up my heart was this pink Halogen coat. Gosh was it gorgeous! It was the perfect length, the perfect shade of pink, and the perfect amount of femininity. But again, my boobs created a really unflattering gap. Not even an XL fixed the problem. So it was a sad but definite no.
One of the last pieces I tried on was this adorable pale blue top. It’s a distressed tee shirt from the front, and a sheer ballet dream from the back. It has a belt to emphasize a waist even with the fullness. This was not a yes, it was a OH YEA FOR SURE!
What a fun adventure the Nordstrom sale was. I even went back a second time and found myself a great leather jacket for less than $100. AND I also picked up a giveaway prize!
This giveaway will launch as soon as I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram. If you haven’t followed me yet to join in on the fun, be sure to check it out here:
Thanks for reading loves!
-Christina, The B of V

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