Mimi Tran Fashion Show on the Row


After an exhilarating day at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, the Instagram boyfriend and I headed to Santana Row, only about 5 minutes away from Valley Fair Mall.

It was a warm Saturday evening on the Row. There were lots of tourists awing over the rumbling of the Lamborghinis coming out of the surrounding luxury hotels. The boyfriend and I had never been here before, and to be completely honest, we almost felt outta place. We weren’t swimming in Gucci or Prada, and we were driving a Toyota Scion. Not Santana Row‘s typical crowd.

But regardless, we weren’t there to show off or stand out, we were there to have a great night and catch the Mimi Tran Design Fashion Show.

The show was to commemorate the grand opening of the Mimi Tran Couture Bridal and Evening Wear Boutique in Santana Row. Although i’m not in the market for any type of gown, I am always up for a fashion show!

The gowns were beautiful, the first grouping was a combination of black and bright beading. And the models were totally rocking each and every look!

The show continued with gorgeous all black designs that carried so much detail, it was difficult to focus on what I loved more about them!

There were also many sheer details that kept all of the beading and embroidery from looking to heavy.

My favorite part of the show was the super girly princess portion. The dresses emerged in beautiful pink and turquoise shades.

These gowns, although colorful, I would consider wearing to my own wedding! They are just to gorgeous!

The final grouping was made up of the classic all white and opulent bridal looks. Each gown that walked was more jaw dropping than the next.

Plus, the models were walking to Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful,” one of my favorite songs!

At then end of the show when Mimi walked down the runway, I couldn’t help but tear up. I love seeing when someone’s dream has clearly come true. And it was an honor to have been a part of the crowd and experience her dream and creativity. Congratualtions Mimi Tran!

For this fashion filled night, I donned a $5, yes $5, dress from H&M. I love this dress because the side knot helps make my apple shape figure appear a bit more hourglass.

I also wore a gorgeous orange necklace sent to me by Rocksbox.

Can’t wait for the next fashion show or event!

To check out more of Mimi Tran’s designs and shows, click here: https://www.mimitrandesign.com/fashion-shows/

Thanks for reading!

-Christina, The B of V



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