My name is Christina! I am the Brunette of Vantes. Where did this name come from? Well, I’ve always been a brunette, and my hair has been my favorite feature since I was a little girl, twirling it around pretending I was Selena. The second part comes from the last half of my last name, Cervantes, a name I am proud to carry.

I attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I have my A.A. in Apparel Product Development and a B.S. in Business Management. FIDM honestly changed my life, but I have to say that living in San Francisco helped shape the woman I am today. I cannot wait to move back one day soon!

I love new experiences and looking at pretty things! I started this blog to talk about these loves of mine, as well as to share my point of view as a young woman on topics that are important to me.

S T Y L E . . . I am a FIDM girl! So of course my blog has a huge focus on fashion! I love styling and the evolution of trends in the industry. I cannot wait to share my insights with you all!

B E A U T Y . . . As a girl on a budget in a world full of luxury beauty products, I want to share my finds with you all so that we can find new ways to maintain our beauty routines without breaking the bank!

H E A L T H . . . I am a Type 1 Diabetic. This curse/gift has definitely molded me into a stronger, more resilient person. I’ve never seen myself as a role model to anyone, but I am my own. I want to be here for other “diabadasses,” as well as any one else who live with a struggle everyday, to be a friend, someone who will talk about those struggles because it can’t always be about pretty shoes and mascara.

L I F E . . . Our lives lead us to some incredible places. I plan to share my journey, overall, in this life of mine, as best I can. And please, feel free to share along with me!

I love questions, comments, and suggestions, so please send them my way!

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